Hello! I'm Gabriele.

UUUU I am.

My name is Gabriele Montinaro, I am an Italian Animator and Creative Director.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to combine creativity, fun and work in one thing, and I found the answer in Motion Design.

I love problems solving since I was little, at that time I was trying to build crazy things with legos with the few pieces I had.
Now when I open After Effects or C4D I try to find the best way to animate things, from a simple cube to a very complicated illustration.

When my PC is off I read comics (Yes, I love Spiderman), I play sports or have fun with my friends.

I did not have the opportunity to study in prestigious schools in the USA, I graduated with honors in Design here in Italy and with the first money I bought the first courses to study Motion Graphics (Thanks school of motion!!) and I turned this passion into a job.

I specialize in Motion Design 2D & 3D, big projects don’t scare me, I can assemble and manage creative teams (Like Marvel’s Avengers) to make amazing videos for you and your business.